Why I Provide a Portrait

The most basic photography pose is a portrait: a head-and-shoulders, close-up look at the model that capitalizes on their smile. It’s my most-requested image, something all mothers and grandmothers mention. And with good reason! The basic portrait is made for the fridge or a gallery of photos on the mantel. It showcases their child or grandchild and is something they can refer guests to.

Since portraits are so often requested, it’s my policy to capture at least two per session. Artistic shots are important, but not like traditional portraits.

Why “Capture the Details” Matters to You

The tagline of my business, “Capture the Details,” is about delight. It’s also creating high-quality photos that are valuable to you!

Photography has a unique way of seeing beyond the big picture. It snags and freezes small moments, the special blips in time that might otherwise be missed. (An infant’s smile, an unplanned moment between siblings or an engaged couple, the details on a dress or wrinkles on a hand.)

It’s those pieces that compile the whole. In addition to the big picture, I am committed to capturing each special detail so your memories can be sharper.

So if I ask to take a picture of your shoes or the bracelets on your wrist, don’t be surprised! I’m capturing moments for you to remember later on.

5 Helpful Tips for Family Sessions

Ever wonder how to prepare for your family photo shoot? There are several steps you can take to ensure your photos look their best.

  1. Choose outfits that match… but aren’t identical! Pick complementing patterns or colors that look great on everyone.
  2. Bring objects that have personal significance. Items include: a kitchen chair, books, framed pictures and quilts. Not only will they will help set you at ease, items like these will create memories for years to come!
  3. Think about posing ahead of time. Is there a particular angle or grouping you like? Saw something cute on Pinterest? Be sure to save these ideas and suggest them to your photographer.
  4. The camera doesn’t bite! The best photos are the ones you’re laughing in– so be yourself! Tell inside jokes, tickle each other and have normal conversations right in front of the camera.
  5. Get to know your photographer’s style. If you don’t like what you see on their website, don’t hire them! Your photographer will take pictures according to their style. Make sure you like what they do.


Hello, friends!

As you may have noticed, this website is incomplete. Due to a virus, my previous site had to be removed. All content was deleted.

So, what you’re seeing now is the start of something new: a website dedicated solely to beautiful images and a professional profile.

Please be patient as I load fresh content! You can still view samples of my photography here. Thanks for your loyalty.