The Eiffel Tower, Pt. 1

We left the metro in a rush of cold air, greeted immediately by the noisy chaos of a typical Parisian intersection. Taxi drivers leaning on their horns; cyclists weaving through traffic; well-dressed pedestrians marching quickly toward their destinations; scents of street food, rotting trash and the river, enhanced by springtime showers. And all of this hemmed in by stately buildings with shuttered windows and established trees.

Sensory overload; but what writer ever complained of too much to observe?

As we rounded a street corner, I caught my first glimpse of the historical monument. It peeked from between the branches of a few trees, climbing vertically, glinting dully in the post-rainstorm sunlight. The engineering marvel, first erected in 1889 for the World’s Fair, is the touchstone of the Paris skyline. And there I was, standing beneath it: the Eiffel Tower.

Visit the blog tomorrow for part two!

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