Blips has returned after a brief foray into the recesses of my (very busy, very color-coded) calendar! Here are a few bright spots from the past few days:

Que lo Que – Social Club Misfits

Because what is better than rap with Latin flair? Listened to this on repeat today, complete with the desk dancing that my coworkers are definitely jealous of. Can you salsa in your spinny chair? Didn’t think so.

John Crist

If you aren’t familiar, I’ll gladly introduce you. My brother and I saw him live last week. We started laughing when we got there and didn’t stop until we got home. By the way, did you know that laughter increasing the flexibility of thought and can boost your immune system? (In other words, let’s stop taking life so darn seriously.) Clean, non-crass, actually funny humor does exist! I highly recommend following John on Instagram, too. His stories are laugh-out-loud funny.

Micro-Roasted Coffee Beans = Better Coffee

Think of it as curated coffee. Fine-tuned to the roaster’s palette and full of fun variations, micro-roasted beans are a coffee-expert’s playground. And you know who brews a mean cup of micro-roasted coffee? Light Rail. It’s better coffee. Change my mind.

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