The COVID-19 global pandemic has sent nearly every part of the world into a tailspin, including our own nation.


Rand Paul tested positive for COVID-19

Vote on $2 trillion COVID-19 bill scheduled for Monday

LA beaches still crowded with people, despite orders from state

Biden and Trump snipe at each other. The stock market yo-yos. Meanwhile, Tom Brady swaggers into Tampa Bay. And an asteroid careens past Earth.


Just four weeks ago, the noise level in our country was at fever-pitch and everyone was clamping their hands over their ears (or buying sound-proof earbuds) to escape the cacophony. It was like a Hollywood family shouting match over who is the heir to the fortune. Every person thinks he or she is entitled, and no one is actually interested in listening to the intent behind the will. Everyone is a protected class with “rights” and “feelings.”

And then COVID-19 became an actualized problem for our nation. DNC campaigns were shunted aside. Minorities became part of the majority. Movie theaters and concert venues and churches went dark. People scrambled for whatever made them feel less vulnerable (but really, toilet paper?) and schools closed their doors.

I’ve pondered this switch (because what else would I do? Unlike many in my age bracket, I’ve decided to put my life on hold.) and I’ve made an observation:

COVID-19 has forced our high-speed, isolationist nation to thunder to a painful, economy-breaking halt. And what does it offer, in return? The opportunity to slow the heck down. There are so many self-helpers blogging and writing and speaking on the merits of rest, but the fact is, nothing will truly make us stop our busywork the way COVID-19 already has. And in that way, our virus is also our blessing.

One final thought: We, as a nation, need to humble ourselves and accept the unrevealed will of God. We don’t get the privilege of knowing what’s going to happen next.

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