My name is Abby. I’m a storyteller and natural-light photographer, passionate about creating stories and capturing personalities with my images and words.

Where Etheléo Started

Eth – el – éh – oh :  to delight in

The Greek term “etheléo” captures the heart of my business. I use photography to bring delight to my clients by capturing genuine expressions and unposed moments. Photographing foster-to-adopt children with their future families, using family heirlooms or high school instruments as props, visiting locations that are meaningful… these are moments my clients can look back on with joy.

Delight is also closely tied to the heart of God. “Delight yourself in the LORD,” says the psalmist. The Lord also delights in us, His creation. For these reasons, I photograph sunsets, flowers and food. Although not unique or unconventional subjects, they are evidence of God’s love and provision. I delight in the Lord by taking joy in His gifts.

The Photographer

Born and raised in the Midwest, I grew up with a camera in one hand and a pen in the other. They were the tools of my trade: story-making. During the end of my freshman year, my family moved four hours west into a new state and chapter of our lives.

It was in my new home that things began to come together. In 2014, I established my photography business, acquired a photography mentor (the talented Eight Oak Acres) and began honing my hobby into a skill. I asked friends to model for me, was the youth group photographer for four years, seconded weddings with Eric, and slowly built a reputation among family and friends.

In 2015, another change uprooted me from my home: college. Four hours east and 45-minutes from my birthplace, Grace College has become a home away from home. My skill as a writer has developed through difficult assignments, excellent lectures and generous, engaged professors. At Grace, my professional profile has grown exponentially.

Today, I balance photography and writing. They are my livelihood, my expertise. Far from perfection, I am constantly learning… but delighting in each moment.

Fast Facts

Here are some tidbits that comprise me.

Coffee + cream, airports, extra-dark chocolate, a green thumb, flour + sugar, penmanship, articulate writing, punctuality, Jesus, mountains, critical thinking, sunrises + sunsets, sun-warmed veggies, dresses that twirl, baking perfect chocolate chip cookies

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