Searching for quality images that fit your budget and timeline? Your search is over.

Hello, I’m Abby, and I’m your photographer.

I analyze things. And people. I’m a classic airport-sitter, the one in the corner studying everyone who walks by. Pretense isn’t something I’m good at; neither is unembellished conversation. I lead with emotion, follow with logic, end with hope. It’s the rhythm of my whole life.

I grew up in the Midwest… and I still live in the Midwest! It’s a glorious, fertile stretch of middle-America, home to flat horizons and domed sunsets and acres of pasture and agriculture. It’s pitted with small valleys and gorges and waterfalls, and hides pockets of genuine, like-the-old-days American dream. I grew up catching crickets at the baseball diamond, drawing dusty chalk lines on the alley, and scribbling into notebooks while I watched the moon drift by my window.

Although my childhood, college years and adulthood have been spent within the golden folds of Indiana and Illinois, I’ve left lots of times, flying overseas to touch three other continents outside of our own. I’ve toured the Palace at Versailles, and stretched my arms and face over Victoria Falls, and felt the hot press of congested Hong Kong traffic. But for all the beauty the world offers, I’ve always wanted to come home.

I’m self-appointed Head Chef in my kitchen. I protect my potted plants like they’re almost human. And I actually enjoy menial tasks like laundry (mmm that fresh Tide scent wafting off warm sheets) and vacuuming (straight or crooked, I don’t care, as long as I can see lines when I’m done). I crave well-lit and cozy spaces like I crave black teas and a freezer stocked with ice cream.

So what does all this mean to you? If you resonate with my brand of being, then you and I will get along as photographer and client. For portraits, I specialize in naturally lit, softly colored photography, with just a hit of golden hour glow around the edges. For architecture, I craft airy images with clean lines and plenty of negative space. I’ll deliver photographs that don’t just look right; they’ll feel right, too. (For you and your budget!)